Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun With Friends

So next week is Finals Week and so on Saturday we decided to take a little break from studying and just hang out! My roommates and I went to Pirate Island Pizza and then we played Catch Phrase with some other friends. Of course I was camera happy and took loads of picutres....mostly just of me haha! (I need to take more pictures to send to Raleigh...he sends me a ton and I never send him any!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Thanksgiving was so much fun! I love the holidays! I went up on Tuesday, November 25th and we had a surprise party for my sister's 18 birthday! We thought that for sure she would know, but she had no idea! Then Wednesday we just hung out around the house with the family, which is my favorite thing to do; working and going to school stinks so sometimes it is nice to just sit at home by the fire with your family. Then Thursday was Thanksgiving and the girls got up in the morning and helped with the food and then we went, as a family, to play football. Its a tradition and I cant wait for Raleigh to get home so that he can he part of that tradition! He will fit right in because he loves sports! Here are a few pictures of my weekend at home!

The and grandma did a great job!

Lame picture of me and Shelby

All the family helping in the kitchen

Intense football

My sister on her way downstairs to the party.