Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am the WORST blogger!!

Ok so I am such a slacker when it comes to blogging!!!! I have the slowest computer so it takes like an hour to just upload like 10 pics! But here is a little recap of what has been going on in my life.

Christmas: Yah I havent blogged since then!! Christmas was great, I loved being with my family and hanging out at home. I never realized how much food my family had! Haha, I am such a lame college student! Anyway, for Christmas I got a trip to Vegas with my mom and I am SOO excited! We are going March 17-20th! I cant wait, it will be so nice to just be in warm weather, on vacation, spending money, shopping, and going to shows! Thanks MOMMY!

January: New semester! I love spring semester, it seems to go by so much faster than Fall! I am taking Math, Biology, Geography, Library class, and History. Nothing fun! I have good teachers and friends in the classes so it makes it easier to attend! sister Abby is PREGNANT!!!!! She is due is Sept. We aren't sure what she is having but we are SOOO excited! Congrats Combs!! I love you and cant wait to be an aunt!

February: Well in Feb my grandparents took the WHOLE family to HAWAII!! It was amazing! It was their 50th Wedding Anniversary so they gave the whole family an all-expense paid vacation to Hawaii! I love them so much and it was an amazing trip!! Pics will come!! I also decided that I am moving back to Provo with my friend Lyndsey for Fall semester to be closer to my sisters baby! I would hate to miss out on the birth and the first few months of the new baby so I made this big decision to finish my last semester at UVU and then transfer, hopefully, to BYU. We'll see but I am very excited to be back up in Provo!

Well nothing else exciting has gone on. However, this weekend I am going home (I know I was just there) but my mom is taking her Young Women to the Draper Temple Tour and invited me to come. I am very excited....also I have 3 dates in 3 days up there so what could be a better excuse to come home?