Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here are some pictures of what I have been doing all summer....brace yourself, there are a few!!

The kids I nanny, minus one, at 7 Peaks!

Me and Zander at the Park!

Sisters, at Shelby's graduation!

My mom and I, in Vegas at Cirque du Soleil

Us laying out by the Monte Carlo pool!

The group in St George for Bryan Regan!

The ladies at the pool.

All of us at Bryan Regan...SOOO FUN!!

That's my summer, I will be sure to have many more adventures throughout these next few months!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer So Far!

Ok so I started my nanny job the first week of June and I have loved it so much! I nanny for 4 boys and 1 girl! They are active, outgoing, fun, talented kids and I couldn't ask for a better job!

-Megan is 12. She is only with us on Mondays, unless we go to Raging Waters, then she is with us. She is a beautiful, smart, fun girl and is very responsible! She is great with the boys and I love when she is over at the house!

-Conner is 11. He is the oldest boy, and is also very responsible! He loves sports, just recently started playing lacrosse! He is getting really good at it! He will start football camp soon...he is such a boy!

-Stockton is 8. He is the easy going, crazy one! He is down for anything. He just recently got contacts...exciting! He doesn't like chores, but always gets them done! He is a good older brother and likes to show his younger brothers how to do things!

-Garrett is 7. He is a sports boy too! He just finished baseball and also starts football camp next week! He is always willing to help around the house. He makes funny comments that are out of the blue but make me laugh so hard!

-Zander is 5. He is so fun! He LOVES David Archuletta! He is my little pal; at 7 Peaks yesterday (I know, Im a traitor!) he kept saying, "I only wanna go where you wanna go!" He loves to play with my dog Brody too!

These boys are so fun! I love my job and I cant wait to see what exciting adventues happen this summer!! Thanks Amy and Niel for letting me hang out with such great kids!

I promise I will post pictures today!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Long Time, No Post....I KNOW!!

   Ok so lately I have been super busy? LAZY! My computer is really slow, so I haven't been wanting to spend my whole day blogging! 
    Anyway, this is what has been going on since February:
1. I finished up my sophomore year of college at Dixie.
2. Found out that my sister, Abby is pregnant.
3. Moved home.
4. Got a wonderful nanny job.
5. Went to St George and saw Brian Reagan.
6. Got a boyfriend...haha!!
7. Started the nanny job.
8. Water park (Raging Waters) opened.
9. Started school again.
10. Found out that Abby is having a GIRL!!!!! After we thought it was a boy for like 2 months!
11. Went to Vegas for a convention.
   Thats been my life so far, I hope to post pictures soon! And I also am making a goal to be a better blogger!!!