Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun With Friends

So next week is Finals Week and so on Saturday we decided to take a little break from studying and just hang out! My roommates and I went to Pirate Island Pizza and then we played Catch Phrase with some other friends. Of course I was camera happy and took loads of picutres....mostly just of me haha! (I need to take more pictures to send to Raleigh...he sends me a ton and I never send him any!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Thanksgiving was so much fun! I love the holidays! I went up on Tuesday, November 25th and we had a surprise party for my sister's 18 birthday! We thought that for sure she would know, but she had no idea! Then Wednesday we just hung out around the house with the family, which is my favorite thing to do; working and going to school stinks so sometimes it is nice to just sit at home by the fire with your family. Then Thursday was Thanksgiving and the girls got up in the morning and helped with the food and then we went, as a family, to play football. Its a tradition and I cant wait for Raleigh to get home so that he can he part of that tradition! He will fit right in because he loves sports! Here are a few pictures of my weekend at home!

The and grandma did a great job!

Lame picture of me and Shelby

All the family helping in the kitchen

Intense football

My sister on her way downstairs to the party.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Christmas List

Ok so Christmas is vastly approaching and I didnt know what I wanted until Raleigh wrote me and told me that my wardrobe is boring! Can you even believe that? He shouldnt be caring about what I am wearing until we are married, then he can buy all my clothes for me! haha! He said that all I wear is solid colors, which isnt true; I have clothes with designs on them, but I am too nervous to branch out. My mom and sister, Shelby, have the cutest clothes and always look super trendy, due to the fact that they just got back from NY and since Shelby is the only girl at home, she gets super spoiled! So I thought what better time to get a new wardrobe then Christmas??? Here are some ideas of what I want for Christmas, hopefully Raleigh will approve of this stuff...jk!

These from Buckle...I think you have to order them online

This is from Forever 21

This is also from Forever 21

These adorable shoes are from Buckle

This is also from Buckle
These are from Pac Sun...the back of them are REALLY CUTE!

So there are a few things that I want...I'm sure there will be more to come!!! I think I will post some shoes next!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

St George

I moved to St George on Aug. 16 2008 and I am loving it! I live with 5 other great girls! Here is a little about them....

Alexis is my roommate and she is on the Dixie Volleyball team. She is a freshman from Ogden. She is so fun! I got lucky to have her as my roommate!

Jette is a freshman from Park City. She is fun and has the gift of being able to talk to anyone about anything! Strangers scare me, they dont scare her!

Sami is also a freshman from Park City, her and Jette are sisters. Today is Sami's birthday ps! She is sooo fun and athletic, I told Raleigh that she is totally his type; except for one thing...she's not me! Haha just kidding!

Kylie is a freshman from Sandy. She is boy crazy, but what girl isnt at 18?!? Her, I and one other roommate do pretty much everything together! She is great!

Lyndsey is my best friend!!!! She is from Clarkston, which is by Logan. She also has a missionary and so we frequently talk about Jace (her boyfriend) and Raleigh! She also works with me! Weird story, I came down in July to look at apts down here and she happened to be here the same day and thats when we decided to live together....crazy huh? I love her sooo much!

Here are some pics of my apt and my roommates and my times in St George...again, sorry about the size!!

We took "family" pictures but it got dark too fast so we had to go to parking garage to get enough lighting.

Top row: Kylie

Middle Row: Alexis and Me

Bottom Row: Sami and Lyndsey

(Jettte was taking the picture.....)

This is BFF

This is Kylie and me!

Elder Williams

So I thought I would update everyone with Elder Williams' mission stauts! He is currently in Clairmont, CA (which he is happy about cause the houses in this area actually have Air Conditioning.) He has been out almost 6 months (Nov. 21 will be 6 months!) and has been a part of 3 baptisms!! Yahoo! He is doing great! He is loving the people, his roommates and companion. He sends me pictures quite often so here are some!!

Raleigh does yard work?!?!?

Him and his companion!

Isnt he cute?? (His hair looks blonder)

Sorry they are so small, I got them off his Facebook since I dont have a scanner. If I make them any bigger, they will go fuzzy...sorry! Enjoy! There will be more to come!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I have a BLOG!

So my sister has a blog, my boyfriend's whole family has them, my bosses have them, everyone does! I enjoy looking at the blogs so I thought I would give this thing a try! I have no idea what I am doing so bear with me, I promise to get better!