Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th Of July

This 4th of July was so fun! From Friday to Sunday morning, I went to a cabin with my boyfriend and his family in Wolfcreek and it was amazing! There were about 40 people there and it was such a great time.

Then on Sunday night, we went to my house and did a dinner and a firework show in the front yard with some neighbors. It was so fun!
The boys trying to help my sister start my grandparents Porsche! She couldn't figure it out

Garron and AbbyOlivea (My niece)
The boys playing horse! So fun!

The boys and Shelby
Jordan and Me (This is the boyfriend). He wouldnt smile.
Parker and Shelby
Me and Olivea

Friday, April 23, 2010

CoLoR fEsTiVaL 2010!!

Every year at the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork, there is a Color Festival where they throw chalk in the air and it is just a big party. I had never been to it, but I had seen pictures of friends that had and I was always really jealous of those that got to go. So I decided that I would go this year and it was......well....interesting. A big group of us went down and I was really excited, little did I know what was about to happen.

Let me explain this process to you.....there are 2 sessions of the Color Festival, one at 12pm and one at 4pm. So the people that went at 12 already were covered head to toe in chalk and still had some that they would throw on people. I thought that you would only throw the chalk when they said, "ok, go!" but I was wrong. People throw it on you whenever, wherever, and with however much they want. You can just be walking and BAMMM! chalk is thrown in your eyes, mouth,

Here is a BEFORE picture....if only I knew what I was getting into!

Here are some pictures before the said, "Ok, go!" These are just pictures of chalk that was thrown on us as we were walking around the temple.

And here are some pictures of us walking back to our cars.....covered in chalk is an understatement. It was in between my toes, but I HAD SHOES AND SOCKS ON!!!!

I had a fun time with friends and seeing what this was all about....however, I am in no way counting down the days until the next Color Festival. I was in the shower for 45 mins and had chalk and color in places that it does not belong! I had a good time, but it was one of those things I will only do once.

Raging Waters is About to Open!!

So it is almost that time of the year when the stress comes, sleepless nights, longest days, and crazy hours.....YEP!! Raging Waters is about to open. For those of you who don't know, my parents own Raging Waters Water Park in SLC. I have worked there every summer since I was 9 except for last summer when I was a nanny. It is a great place to work; although it causes an immense amount of stress with wondering what the weather will be like every day and if employees will show up so that we can open the park, it is a great business and we are very blessed to have it in our lives. Here is the link to the page , all the hours, dates, and prices are listed there. It is a GREAT place to have a company party and so if any of you are interested in bring your company, family, birthday party, or any group, all of the information is listed on the website!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Over Due Post

Nothing too exciting as been going on lately, hence no pictures or something to blog about. There have been a few things going on but nothing that requires pictures. Well, aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving, that is. Also I started school, moved to a new house in Provo, started a new job, enjoyed the holidays, and rang in the New Year by sitting on the couch (alone...feel bad for me) and watching the ball drop in NYC.

Speaking of the New Year, I decided to jump on the "let's make ridiculously extreme New Years Resolution" bandwagon and make some not-so-ridiculously extreme resolutions. I only have two this year that I think will change a lot in my life.

The first one is to just be more positive. Positivity is something that I thought I had but then I realized that I needed to improve on being positive. I need to start my day thinking that it is going to be a great one and I need to end it with listing all the great things that happened. I also need to be more positive with people. Sometimes if things don't go my way, I tend to get VERY mad at the people around me. I know this is wrong and I need to work on it.

My second resolution is to work harder in school. I haven't always been the best student, I have just been doing the bare minimum. I know that if I will work harder and be the best student that I can be, I will be happier and less-stressed.

There is my updated post, lame lame lame I know. Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Abby Janelle Combs

I have been thinking so much lately about my older sister. She is the most incredible woman, besides my own mother, that I know. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, and most importantly, she is a mother herself. She was the most amazing pregnant lady and now she has her own daughter. I know that Olivea knows how great her mom is, even at a young age, because that is just how Abby is. Abby has a way of making everyone love her; she is so great with people and everyone is just drawn to her. She is so talented; she was a cheerleader in high school and in college. She is an amazing example to me of, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!" Abby hasnt always had the easiest life, or the most enjoyable journey, but when I look back on her life, I am in awe of the woman she has become. She has made an incredible life for herself and her family.

The thing that I love most about Abby is her mothering talent! Ever since I can remember, she has had a special bond with children, especially babies. I have always been afraid of brand new babies, I like 5 years old. No diapers, no getting them dressed, no holding their neck so you dont hurt them. But Abby has an amazing talent and is the most extraordinary mother. Olivea is one lucky girl.

Here are a few picutres of Abby over the years....she is a hot mama!! I love you, Abby, more than I can put into words and I thank my Heavenly Father that you are my sister! And I love your baby!!!!
First of all, look how good she is at making babies!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mr and Mrs Devin Hansen

One of my best friends, Lauren, got married this weekend. It was such a beautiful day and I was honored that I was able to be involved in so much of it. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Her dress, hair, makeup, husband, and flowers all looked AMAZING! I am so happy for them! Here are few pictures of that wonderful day! I hope both of you are enjoying the BAHAMAS!

All the friends that came...we are missing a few girl friend though!


I was fixing her train and Bryan was taking pictures of my backside!

Bryan gives the best "Tender Kisses!!"

We both went to give the other person a "Tender Kiss" so WE almost was funny!

Me and the most amazing Bride ever!!

I love you Lauren and Devin Hansen, I hope you have a wonderful, happy life together!!

I am so lame I know!

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with weddings. I love the dress, the RING, the colors, the Temple, the WHOLE DAY! My family thinks I am nuts, but I look at wedding videos on youtube and I look at dresses online. I love looking at rings. Here are a few ideas I have for m own wedding.....whenever that comes!!!!

I love this Dress...sorry its so small
I tried this dress on when I lived in St George and I LOVED IT!!!!

I want this ring! Again, sorry its so small.

I like the tall, elegant center pieces.

Green, Ivory, Gold Bouquet....those are the colors I have in mind.

I love this table, and the way the food is set up!

More rings that I love...this first one would not have a yellow diamond, it would be clear!