Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th Of July

This 4th of July was so fun! From Friday to Sunday morning, I went to a cabin with my boyfriend and his family in Wolfcreek and it was amazing! There were about 40 people there and it was such a great time.

Then on Sunday night, we went to my house and did a dinner and a firework show in the front yard with some neighbors. It was so fun!
The boys trying to help my sister start my grandparents Porsche! She couldn't figure it out

Garron and AbbyOlivea (My niece)
The boys playing horse! So fun!

The boys and Shelby
Jordan and Me (This is the boyfriend). He wouldnt smile.
Parker and Shelby
Me and Olivea


David and Liz Barham said...

Ah you have such a cute family :]

RCurtis said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Did you enjoy the Stadium of Fire too? Wish we could've been there to share in the fun! Cute boyfriend! Hope we can meet him some day.

klarso32 said...

You're gorgeous Kal Pal! Looks like you had a fun 4th. I'm so happy that you and Jordan are together and that he makes you happy. You deserve it! Love you :)