Friday, April 23, 2010

CoLoR fEsTiVaL 2010!!

Every year at the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork, there is a Color Festival where they throw chalk in the air and it is just a big party. I had never been to it, but I had seen pictures of friends that had and I was always really jealous of those that got to go. So I decided that I would go this year and it was......well....interesting. A big group of us went down and I was really excited, little did I know what was about to happen.

Let me explain this process to you.....there are 2 sessions of the Color Festival, one at 12pm and one at 4pm. So the people that went at 12 already were covered head to toe in chalk and still had some that they would throw on people. I thought that you would only throw the chalk when they said, "ok, go!" but I was wrong. People throw it on you whenever, wherever, and with however much they want. You can just be walking and BAMMM! chalk is thrown in your eyes, mouth,

Here is a BEFORE picture....if only I knew what I was getting into!

Here are some pictures before the said, "Ok, go!" These are just pictures of chalk that was thrown on us as we were walking around the temple.

And here are some pictures of us walking back to our cars.....covered in chalk is an understatement. It was in between my toes, but I HAD SHOES AND SOCKS ON!!!!

I had a fun time with friends and seeing what this was all about....however, I am in no way counting down the days until the next Color Festival. I was in the shower for 45 mins and had chalk and color in places that it does not belong! I had a good time, but it was one of those things I will only do once.


RCurtis said...

Kallie - so fun to see your blog! Looks like a fun experience at the Color Festival! I love seeing what you and your family are doing. Love the picture of you, Shelby, and Abby. Tell Abby to post new pictures of Olivea. We miss you guys! Love ya!

gloria said...

this is so fun to see!!

i hope life is wonderful!

Brianna said...

That looks like way too much fun for one person to be having!!!