Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here are a BUNCH of pictures from what I have been doing lately....brace yourself...there are a lot! They go from most recent to oldest!!
Boating with the Beals and Bryan!

The Owlz game....soooo fun!

The group that went to the game!

My Birthday dinner at Brick Oven...I had to stand on the bench!

I got a TV for my bday!

Cute siblings!

My boys and their cousin, at McDonald's

My friend Lara and I at the Fray concert...Thanks Amy...it was soooo much fun!!!

Me and Eric up the canyon eating a totally melted smore!

Me and Eric again! (Sorry for being able to see down my shirt)

A little fuzzy, but this was at the bowling alley with my lil bro!

He got a strike on the first one, but then he would go onto lose!!

At Carl's Jr....my new haircut!

Zander and me wearing the rings from the adorable cake!

My cute cake that I got from my nanny family for my bday!

These young Jonas Brothers fans sat in front of us at the Stadium of Fire and we danced with them during every song! At the end of it, they turned to us and said, "You are such a great friend, thanks for dancing with us...can we have a hug?" It made my whole night!!

Being SOO excited for the Jonas Brothers!

The Girls at the Stadium of Fire!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Picking Raspberries!

So the family I nanny for has a set of Grandparents that are on a mission in Russia...cool huh?!?....anyway, my boys are asked to go over there every once in a while and pick raspberries and mow the law. It was a hot day, but it was fun when we went! Then we went for ice cream afterwards!

Raging Waters

The boys love to play at Raging Waters; this time we took some pictures of the cute kids!!

Garrett, Zander, Stockton

Zander going down the slide!

Nice picture of Conner, huh?

Zander next to the wave pool!

Garrett watching the people in the wave pool!

FuN wItH tHe CoMpUtEr!

Zander and I were taking some fun pictures on the computer! Here they are!!