Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Over Due Post

Nothing too exciting as been going on lately, hence no pictures or something to blog about. There have been a few things going on but nothing that requires pictures. Well, aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving, that is. Also I started school, moved to a new house in Provo, started a new job, enjoyed the holidays, and rang in the New Year by sitting on the couch (alone...feel bad for me) and watching the ball drop in NYC.

Speaking of the New Year, I decided to jump on the "let's make ridiculously extreme New Years Resolution" bandwagon and make some not-so-ridiculously extreme resolutions. I only have two this year that I think will change a lot in my life.

The first one is to just be more positive. Positivity is something that I thought I had but then I realized that I needed to improve on being positive. I need to start my day thinking that it is going to be a great one and I need to end it with listing all the great things that happened. I also need to be more positive with people. Sometimes if things don't go my way, I tend to get VERY mad at the people around me. I know this is wrong and I need to work on it.

My second resolution is to work harder in school. I haven't always been the best student, I have just been doing the bare minimum. I know that if I will work harder and be the best student that I can be, I will be happier and less-stressed.

There is my updated post, lame lame lame I know. Hope you all have a great day!